Corporate Events

Jeff Bibik works with companies of all types to create exceptional trade show presentations, exciting sales meetings and unique promotional ideas.  With a background in sales and marketing, Jeff develops shows that will highlight a company name and emphasize their products and services.  It’s great for attracting attention, introducing new products, and motivating people to action, all in a creative, positive way.

After Dinner Programs

Jeff Bibik features several unusual large stage illusions.  For corporate events he can magically make a speaker or company VIP appear.  He can also transform one person into another.  Other stage illusions include the Human Pincushion, a visit back to sideshow days, the Komedy Killer Guillotine, which has seen countless victims, and the famous Lighter Than Air, the suspension of a human body in mid air without support!  Bibik’s latest mystery is the ability to shrink his own head to the size of a grapefruit!

Stand-Up Comedy And Magic

Jeff Bibik is an after dinner speaker with a magical difference!  His larger show is a unique blend of humor and illusion, with audience interaction and ad lib comedy.  Designed for larger audiences that demand quality entertainment.

Close-Up Walkaround Magic

Jeff greets your guests with courtesy, amazes them with great magic and sleight of hand, then moves on to the next group table.  It’s entertainment at a very personal level.  Perfect for cocktail parties, receptions and hospitality suites.

Festival, School and Family Shows

When people think of magic, they always think of families and children.  Jeff has performed literally thousands of shows for young people at schools, festivals, resorts, amusement parks and family parties.  Original magic keeps young people entertained and mystified, while audience helpers add to the fun and laughter.  A great show for children of all ages!